The Artist

Leah McCloskey

is a graduate of Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, where she earned a BFA in illustration and fashion illustration. At the end of her college years, the influence of the Disco era prompted Leah to take advantage of Fred Astaire Studio’s introductory offer for lessons, and so began an intense love affair with ballroom dancing. Following a short training period as an amateur, Leah enjoyed a 10-year career of professional teaching and competition, and then transitioned back into the graphic art field.

Leah has worked as a graphic artist and art director for over 35 years, and during that time, has continued to create fine art for her own enjoyment. In 2000, she established LM Studio, a full-service graphic design studio, and continues to serve clients with recognized success – LM Studio has earned numerous regional and national awards.

Art in Motion is the blend of two of Leah’s vital passions: making art and studying the compelling beauty of the human body in action. Leah’s training in drawing and painting the human figure mixed with her background as a former pro dancer brings a unique dimension to her understanding of the physical and motivational aspects of her subjects. The camera is another favored creative tool. She uses her skills as a digital artist to morph her photos into imagery that is something beyond the original capture. Leah hopes that others will see, feel and share her joy of illustrating the human spirit as expressed by the moving “body beautiful.”

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